Krum Gerov

Our plant

“Krum Gerov TM” Ltd. was established in 2004. Four years later, the high-tech bakery located in the town of Gotse Delchev (BG) was completed. With the launch of its new production line, production capacity increased to 2200 kg different types of bread per hour or 35-40 bread per 1 minute (depending on weight). The production complex consists of equipment made from five leading manufacturers from Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Austria and Germany. The work of the flow line is controlled via internet by manufacturers, which is another guarantee for high quality of every product produced in our factory.

Our products

Currently, the production we offer includes more than 50 types of bread and bakery products. Along with the classic "hand made" and "factory white bread" we offer special types of "dark" breads - "Standard", "Graham" and "Dark (Black)". In parallel, our experts are developing new special types of bread - corn bread with spices and rye-wheat bread with inulin - bread with a unique taste, suitable for diabetes. Since 2009, "Krum Gerov" has acquired the recipe for the very popular line of bread without flour named „BONUS” and has improved it to an extent where the levels of gluten are minimized, the yeast is less than 1%, and the result is clear: in a slice of each type of bread „BONUS” calories are kept to a minimum of 58-65.