Krum Gerov

Our History

"I dreamed of me making bread and that is how it all began. Since then, many years have passed, but I have never regretted I engaged myself with exactly this business. I'm not saying it's easy. But when all your relatives start preferring your bread, for no other reason than because they like it most, all your efforts obtain real meaning. And this is most important."

Krum Gerov
Founder and CEO

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       For ancient times, bread is enormously great part of human life and culture. The earliest data connected to the preparation of bread is dating back from the Neolithic period. Further on, the development of civilization directly associates with the improvement of technologies for storage and preservation of grain, by sustaining the possibility of whole-year production of bread. In the different stages of human cultural development, the ways people think over it varies. For example, for centuries white bread is associated primarily with the rich and privileged class, while black bread - with the poor one. In the 20th century, however, precise studies found exceptionally healthy properties of the black (rye) bread and thus it becomes preferred. Today, our fast food age sets "fashion" even for the production of bread – the main purpose is to accelerate and increase the shelf life, for which ingredients like raising agents, emulsifiers and stabilizers, are to be added to the recipe.

      In contrast with this conception, we believe that the genuine bread is made only from natural products and that is why in our recipes all quantities of chemicals are pushed to minimum.

      That's what makes our bread different!


Where exactly the grain grows is a question to which not every manufacturer is interested. For us, however, soils are extremely important prerequisite for quality and result.


Before we buy the raw material, we make а chemical analysis of it. The quantity of the raw material is not a primary issue. Its quality is what we are interested in.


Quality is something we never make compromises with. Try our bread and you will be convinced.

What make us different ?